2020 Ideal Kidz Pre School Weekend Class
We are an Islamic Kindergarten/Enrichment center educating both academic and ukhrawi syllabus through right brain learning.

Through years of research by experts, it is proven that the most effective way to learn is by engaging the right brain because when we engage the right brain, both the LEFT and RIGHT brains are activated. Thus when both sides are active, children can easily absorb the content and thus makes it easy for them. And since it is easy, children will ENJOY learning.

This is one of the most important process at our center, to inculcate the enjoyment and love of learning.

Our program is designed for children aged between 2-6 years old. We have a small class size of 6 pupils per teacher so that the teacher can provide them with a good amount of attention and love. With this the teacher can personally coach the child to help them develop.

Weekend Programs: Objective- To compliment lessons taught in current Pre-School syllabus as well as enriching the Ukhrawi knowledge.

Subjects such as IQRA, Surah Memorization, Arabic Penmanship, Islamic History, Duas, Solat, Reading Program- English and Malay and IQ games are taught in the 1.5hour class.

Disclaimer : Please note that Weekend Program may not be sufficient to prepare for Madrasah Entrance Test

Session 1: 8.30am - 10am
Session 2: 10.30am - 12pm

$50 Registration fees* - Cash or Bank Transfer, once payment made your child's slot will be confirmed. We can only take in 6 students per session per class. We can ONLY start the class if we have minimum 4 Students per session.
*Registration fees is refundable if there is insufficient students to start the class.

Material Fees: $75 per semester (6months)

Our school Term starts and ends 1 week earlier than MOE school Term
Lesson dates will be provided before school starts

School Fees: $120 per mth (Cash or Bank Transfer)

Should class be cancelled by the school due to unforeseen circumstances, a make up class will be conducted on the following day, Sunday timing will be the same. In the event that you are unable to attend the make up class, we will refund $15.
The school shall refund you $30 should the make up class falls on a Public Holiday.

Should class be cancelled by the school due to unforeseen circumstances and the school is unable to conduct a make up class on the following day, Sunday, we will refund you $30.

*Please TAKE NOTE classes are CLOSED on Public Holidays. Fees will be pro rated should class falls on Public Holidays.

DBS Current Account 003-946365-0

For more enquiries please contact Mr Hakim at 93837714

'Seeking Knowledge Is A Duty Upon Every Muslim' ~ Ibn Majah
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