Parent Survey
Thank you for considering completing our survey. We are looking to open a new SEN school, if we are successful our school will support pupils aged 5-16 with social, emotional, behaviour or mental health needs. To be successful we need to show that parents feel a school like this is needed and that parents would choose this type of school for their child to attend. We understand that sometimes children can struggle in school, our school would support these children so that they can return to mainstream school if this is what is best for them, or if it is better for them to stay in our school this can also be possible. We are offering our school for children 5-16 as we understand that for some children changing school at 11 years old, can be very difficult to cope with. We hope you feel you can provide your support and appreciate your time.
What is the first part of your post code for example NE9 or DH1 please include only the first part not the whole post code ( to help keep your reply anonymous)
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What year group is your child in now?
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Do you feel your child has a Social, Emotional, behaviour or Mental Health (SEMH) need?
If you answered yes, can you briefly tell us what social, emotional, behaviour or mental health need do you feel your child has?
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Has your child been diagnosed with a social, emotional, behavioural or mental health need or identified by their school
What type of provision does your child currently attend?
Do you feel this provision meets all of your child's needs?
If no, please explain
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Has your child been excluded within the last year?
Which of the following do you feel would help support your child in school?- please tick the 3 most important for you and your child
If this school opened, would you want it named on your child's EHCP? if your child does not have an EHCP at this time would you want this school to be named should your child get and EHCP in the future
Data Protection
For the purpose of our survey and to support us in opening a new school, we need to show parents would support this, but we do not need to provide your email details or contact details in any form. If you would like to be kept up to date please provide your email below, which we will use to contact you. We will not provide your email to any third party or use your contact email address or name outside of the permission you give us. We will only use your name as part of support for a new school, we will only use your email to contact you with information about the new school we are looking to open. We will ask your permission before we use your email to contact you for any other purpose outside of information about the new school
Please include your email address if you are willing to be included and would like to be kept up to date with progress.
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Would you be willing to have your name included in our application form to enable us to show that parents support our application ?
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