CAE Peer Tutor Learning Agreement
Thank you for using peer tutoring! We want you to have a quality and useful experience with our program. In order to make sure you understand your and your tutor's role, please complete this form and click Submit in order to confirm that you agree with the following responsibilities as a student utilizing peer tutoring at Salem State University. Students engaged in peer tutoring are subject to the same expectations outlined in the Salem State Student Conduct Code. **Please note that completing this form is the first step in accessing tutoring but does not guarantee we have a tutor for the course you need. Submitted forms go to Megan Penyack, Coordinator of Academic Services in the Center for Academic Excellence ( Please contact Megan if you have any questions or concerns.
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I understand that peer tutoring appointments are offered on-campus and online (depending on tutor availability). However, peer tutoring follows the University's current health and safety guidelines and may change modalities if necessary. *
IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE TUTORING: I understand that online tutoring sessions on GoBoard will be recorded. I understand the audio/video recording is only accessible to the tutoring program coordinator (Megan Penyack) and will not be shared. However, after the session, a PDF of the written work  shared on the “white board” will be e-mailed to the student and tutor for future access. If you have any questions or concerns about using our online tutoring system, please contact Megan Penyack in advance of your session. *
IMPORTANT FOR IN-PERSON TUTORING: Tutors and tutees will need to share their CoVerified “green badge” with one another at the start of each on-campus tutoring session. If someone is “restricted” or has a red badge on CoVerified, we ask that your session be held online instead. You must follow whatever health/safety rules are in place at the time of your tutoring session, as guidelines do change. Please be respectful of others who want to be more cautious, even if it is not mandated at the time. *
Be Prepared: For each session, I will have all necessary books, assignments, handouts, notes, calculators, etc. I will have questions ready and will have attempted to complete my homework assignments to the best of my ability. *
Be mindful of scheduling: I understand that I may only schedule up to 2 hours of tutoring with the same tutor in one day and up to 4 hours of tutoring with the same tutor per week. I understand that I should also be meeting with my professor(s) during office hours if I have questions/concerns in a course. *
Be on Time: Life happens! However, If I cannot make it or I am running late, I will make every effort to cancel my appointment on Navigate. I can also call Megan Penyack at 978-542-6717. I understand that simply not showing up to an appointment is disruptive to the tutor and other students who could have used my time slot. Excessive last-minute cancellations or no shows may result in not being able to use tutoring for the semester. *
Be aware of the tutor's role: A peer tutoring appointment is not a replacement for attending class or meeting with the professor. A tutor's role is to help facilitate a student's learning (break information down into smaller parts, review material, provide examples, guided problem solving, etc.). It is not the tutor's role to re-lecture, give answers, or do homework with the student. I will avoid asking tutors to work directly with graded homework or take home exams, though we can focus on reviewing the concepts being assessed. *
Be respectful: I will act respectfully during tutoring sessions through my language and actions and will expect the same from my tutor. I understand that I and my tutor are subject to the Salem State Student Conduct Code. *
Be courteous: I will contact my tutor only when necessary (ex: running late, confirming location). I will not contact my tutor to ask for help with course material or to schedule appointments. Please keep in mind tutors are students just like you and only get paid for the time they spend with students in scheduled tutoring appointments. *
I realize my success in this course is my responsibility. However, if I have a concern about my tutoring session, I know I can reach out to Megan Penyack (; 978-542-6717) to discuss this concern. *
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