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Thank you for your interest in Mosquito School!  (And Yellowjacket and Tick School too!)  Each year we do our best to serve every classroom that requests a presentation and we appreciate your flexibility as we attempt to find a date and time that works for everyone.  We are currently scheduling presentations for TK-6th grade classrooms in the 2023-24 school year.  If yours is a year-round program please make a request for summer months when other schools are not in session.

After submitting this registration form, look for an email from us in the next couple of weeks confirming your assigned date and time.

This education program is offered completely free of charge, but we still appreciate timely notice should you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason.
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Please note:
  • Given the high demand for this program we strive to avoid redundancy by not presenting on the same vector to the same children two years in a row.  (So, for example, if you teach  3rd or 5th grade in a school where the 4th grade typically receives Mosquito lessons from us, then please make your request for Yellowjackets or Ticks instead.)
  • Mosquito School includes the 1- to 2-week loan of a mosquito life cycle kit.  Students are given observation journals that will help them to take advantage of having this living resource in the classroom during that time, so providing in-class time during the week or two following my visit for students to closely observe the animals is highly recommended if you want them to get the most out of the experience.  Mosquito lessons are only given on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, with kit pick-up on the Friday of the following week.
  • Yellowjacket School for grades 3-6 includes a multi-day loan of a non-living display with accompanying activity booklet. The kit is picked up on Friday of that same week, so depending on which day your lesson is scheduled you may have the materials for 1-5 days.  A limited number of these kits are available any given week, so depending on the how many classes sign up for this one, kits may need to be shared between classrooms at the same school.  
  • At this time Tick School for all grades and Yellowjacket School for grades TK-2 do not involve borrowed materials but do include follow-up activity pages.
Which vector would you like a lesson on? *

The more I know about your AV setup the smoother this will be!  We utilize an iPad to show slides and magnified larvae.  If you have a large TV screen that we can connect to with Apple TV/Airplay, or a projector I can connect to the iPad then this will save me hauling a projector out to you.  Further, if multiple classes will be receiving a presentation and there is a spare room available for me to set up in and have classes rotate through, we can save time on setup and potentially get more presentations in.  
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PLEASE NOTE: Do not request a mosquito presentation during a week just prior to your school break as it generally requires 1.5-2 weeks to complete the observation.

Please allow a full hour for all 2nd-6th grade presentations. In the unlikely event that we finish earlier than that, you can always pass out the follow-up booklets and have the kids get started in those.

For TK/K, we try to limit presentations to 30 minutes. For 1st grade, 45-50 minutes is about right.

Mosquito presentations are only offered Monday-Wednesday, whereas Yellowjacket and Tick presentations could be any day Monday-Thursday. No lessons are offered on Fridays.

NO CLASSES ARE POSSIBLE the weeks of MARCH 11 - 15 and APRIL 22 - MAY 3.

With the above considerations in mind, please provide several dates and list them in order of your preference, including time ranges that are possible on those days. (You can hit "enter" to create a new line between each date in your list to make it clear.)

It is ideal to begin a lesson directly after recess, lunch, P.E., or just after morning arrival procedures as this allows me to set things up without being a distraction to the class, so please indicate those specific times if possible.
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