Concord Citizenship Application
Thank You for wanting to apply for citizenship of Concord! By filling out this application you are stating that all the information to the questions we have for you are true or to the best of your ability.

In Concord, we strive to be an honest & tightly connected community. Please only apply for Citizenship if you are interested in being a Citizen in Concord. If you are approved you'll be notified!

Please be sure you join our discord & join our alliance here
Any questions please contact the King or a member of Internal Affairs!
Nation Link *
What is your Discord? (Ex. Just John#1343) *
Have you been in any previous alliances? If so, why'd you leave? *
What makes you interested in Concord? *
How active are you or planning to be in Politics & War? *
Have you joined our discord & applied in-game? *
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