Workflow Therapy Questionnaire
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Describe how work turns into stress
There's work, and then there's stress. This whole process is meant to find ways to address the things that turn work into something worse. Some things are just stressful and they can't be changed, but we'll change what we can control.
What's a specific example of work that feels do-able but not too easy? Work that's just work, not stressful work. *
What's a specific example of work that you think should be easier but was hard or stressful for some reason? *
If you know why it was hard, please explain
What's Wrong With You
According to you, what's the theme of all your mistakes? What, in short, is wrong with you that makes work turn into stress? This can be a rough question, but it's the most important one. Don't think too hard about it. Most of us know already or say it to ourselves when we are disappointed in how a workday went. Just try to write down whatever you say to yourself in those moments. Don't worry -- we'll turn this into something good by the end of this process.
Your answer: *
Your Daily Work Landscape
Let's find out what work actually looks like for you on the day-to-day
When you sit down to work, what are the relationships, tools, and situations that define it? *
What non-work things affect your experience of trying to do work? *
What are your good habits? *
What are your bad habits? *
When you sit down to work, what do you tell yourself you should be doing? If you have many, distinct duties, feel free to answer this for each one of them. *
Anything else that defines your workday that should be recognized? *
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