Blazing Swan 2020 Effigy/ Temple application form
Thank you for your interest in building one of the two main structures for the Blazing Swan 2020 event. We love seeing your ideas and designs come to life! But first, we need as much information as possible from you to make it a successful and safe experience for everyone
Effigy- This is exactly what it says, an effigy to something or some one that celebrates, questions, inspires and represents the event/ theme. The Effigy Burn event is one that sees the biggest party of the Blaze week and brings a whole community together to celebrate! think big, think bold, think proud.

Temple- The 'Spiritual heart' of the event, the temple is a place of reflection, contemplation, love, release and so much more. This is the space that holds, supports and comforts people in their time of personal vulnerability. A place of utmost respect to the fellow Blazer. It recommends including intimate space for attendees to sit and reflect, space for offerings/gifts out of the elements, and space for people to write and express thought on the temples surfaces.

We can't wait to see your designs. THIS IS WHY WE BURN!!

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