Fruitvale ISD Comprehensive Needs and Stakeholder Engagement Assessment
Fruitvale ISD is on a continuous journey of learning. We invite you to join us in our journey by completing this survey by April 30, 2018. Your information is vital to improvements made in our district as we strive to provide all students the best education possible. Thank you for your input.
Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.
Our beliefs at FISD are:
1. The Partnership of families, community members, students, and Fruitvale Independent School District employees is critical to each student’s growth and success.
2. We believe in the value of instilling work ethic, integrity, perseverance, and motivation in future generations.
3. We believe in providing a 21st century education interwoven with real world applications.
4. We believe in modeling and guiding students toward becoming good citizens.
5. We believe in unlocking each individual student’s potential.
6. We believe in a supportive and collaborative school culture for students, teachers, and families

Please take a few minutes to view relevant data shown prominently on the FISD web site at After reviewing the data, please provide your feedback by responding to the questions below.

The category below that best describes my association with FISD is:
What specifically would you like to know about our school?
From what source do you get most of your information about our school? Rank from 1 to 9, with 1 being the most helpful/used.
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