Ordering a DNA Test
Please have the following information ready when ordering DNA tests:

-Member account number (must be authorized representative)
-ASA number (required for GGP-HD, LD, and uLD testing, recommended for other testing)
-Sire ASA number
-Dam ASA number
-Sample barcode (if you already have a kit)
-What tests to order

Double check animal IDs and barcodes! Misidentified samples can double the turnaround time!

A small percentage of DNA samples fail testing meaning no results can be obtained from the samples. Frequently failed samples have a DNA quality problem. When samples fail testing, the member is still responsible to pay for the test. A new sample may be submitted and the member is financially responsible for the new test ordered as well.

Not every genomic test results in genomically enhanced EPDs. The IGS Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation analyses the genotype data and removes genomic files with suspected errors from the genetic evaluation. For example, genotypes are removed if the international ID is incorrect or can’t be linked to an animal in the evaluation, the sex isn’t correct, the parent or progeny markers don’t match (using 50,000 markers), two samples from the same animal have different DNA markers, the markers are out of alignment with expected proportions of hetero and homozygous calls, or the laboratory had low call rates on the sample. While some of the ID problems can be fixed without a new test, other errors require a new DNA sample and test to be resolved (like samples that fail testing). Members can submit a second sample to retest but there is no guarantee the new sample will be successful. In the event a new sample is recommended for genomic testing, the member is financially responsible for the new test.

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