2019-20 Private School Request for School Year Bus Transportation
Your assistance is requested to complete this form EACH YEAR for each child. In order for GO Riteway to have accurate and efficient routes, we need to know which eligible students plan to ride the bus. Any stop that is not the student's home address is NOT rolled over from year to year. Please complete this form whenever a transportation change is requested. Additional questions may be directed to GO Riteway at 608-881-6370.


* Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus route. For safety purposes, bus drivers will not discharge students anywhere other than the student’s assigned bus stop unless written authorization is provided from school authorities (any temporary stop must be on the same route and must be an existing stop).

* No more than two stops may be scheduled for pickup or drop off. The daily stops MUST be the same from week to week. For safety purposes, no alternating week stops will be accommodated.

* Routes are developed so that in most cases student travel time will not be longer than 75 minutes. Buses generally do not arrive at school more than 30 minutes before school starts.


* The pupil resides 2 miles or more from the private school he/she attends.

* The pupil resides within the private school's approved attendance area

*The private school is located within the boundaries of the pupil's resident school district or not more than 5 miles beyond the boundaries of the school district measured along the usually traveled route. In a union high school district, with underlying elementary districts, the 5 miles from the district's boundaries is measured from the union high school district boundaries, not from each of the elementary school district's boundaries.

Additional questions may be directed to GO Riteway at 608-881-6370.

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