Earth Science for Society 2019 - Exhibitor Requirements Form
Big Four Building, Stampede Park, Calgary - March 17-19, 2019
Please submit form by January 31, 2019. Information will be used to verify the data collected on your Exhibitor Registration form and to order on your behalf the items you will need as an exhibitor at ESfS 2019.
This section allows updating of the information submitted on your Exhibitor Registration Form.
Official Organization Name *
Used for our official records and invoicing, if needed
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Organization Name as you would like it to appear on ESfS materials *
Same as above or preferred shorter name or acronym for signage, digital, and printed materials
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Organization Website address
Update and/or verify your website address
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Social Media
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Organization Mailing Address
Please verify your organization's mailing address, city, province and postal code
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Primary Contact Name and Title *
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Door Prizes
Please confirm if you will provide door prizes for Sunday afternoon and Monday evening attendees (No / Yes with item description)
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Information for Students and Educators
ESfS targets K-12 youth with age-appropriate material that is also of interest to the general public. ESfS particularly supplements in-class studies for the grade 7 Planet Earth unit and the grade 3 Rocks and Minerals unit.

K-12 visitors will be given age-appropriate Scavenger Hunt booklets to encourage interaction with exhibitors and the chance to win a prize. Please provide one MULTIPLE CHOICE question and answer for grade 3 and for grade 7. We will be using multiple choice questions this year to minimize the time taken to write out long answers.

Scavenger Hunt Booklet multiple choice QUESTION - Grade 3 level *
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Scavenger Hunt Booklet ANSWER - Grade 3 level *
Please indicate correct answer for the multiple choice question.
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Scavenger Hunt Booklet multiple choice QUESTION - Grade 7 level *
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Scavenger Hunt Booklet ANSWER - Grade 7 level *
Please indicate correct answer for the multiple choice question.
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Additional Questions and Answers for the Educators' Supplement
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Educator Resources
Please confirm if you will provide physical Educator Resource material for 50 teacher bags (books, posters, kits, etc)
Educator Resources - digital
ESfS compiles Educator Resources on a USB for teachers and youth group leaders. Please confirm if you have digital materials for the USB. If yes, we will contact you to coordinate transfer of files.
Exhibitor Personnel Information
Big Four Building, Stampede Park, Calgary Alberta
Sunday, March 17 11:30 am to 5:00 pm
Monday, March 18 8:45 am to 2:30 pm
and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Tuesday, March 19 8:45 am to 2:30 pm
Name and Title of On-site Contact, if not the same as the Primary Contact *
The name and title of the boothie who will be the on-site contact March 16-19, 2019
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Email of On-site Contact, if not the same as the Primary Contact
The email of the boothie who will be the on-site contact March 16-19, 2019
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On-site Contact Phone (cell preferred) xxx-xxx-xxxx *
Same as Primary Contact, or the cell # of the boothie who will be the on-site contact March 16-19, 2019
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Number of Boothies *
How many people will be manning your exhibit March 17-19, 2019? Light breakfast will be provided Monday and Tuesday and lunches will be provided Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday based on these numbers.
More than 5
Sunday March 17, 2019
Monday March 18, 2019 - morning
Monday March 18, 2019 - afternoon
Monday March 18, 2019 - evening
Tuesday March 19, 2019 - morning
Tuesday March 19, 2019 - afternoon
Dietary Restrictions
Please inform us of any dietary restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate requests.
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Monday Pizza Networking Event
ESfS is considering offering a pizza networking event on the exhibition floor from 5 to 5:30 pm on Monday for exhibitors and organizing committee members at a cost of $15 per person. We will contact you to confirm if there is sufficient interest.
Monday Pizza Networking Event - If interested
Please indicate how many boothies would be interested in the Monday evening pizza networking event at $15 per person. Time: 5 to 5:30 pm.
Your answer
Exhibits must have an exhibitor present at all times. *
The ESfS Volunteer committee does its best to coordinate volunteer shifts to offer exhibitor relief coverage, especially for one-person booths. Volunteers find it very helpful to have a short briefing and/or a cheat sheet to help them engage visitors with hands-on activities at your exhibit while you are away.
Booth Relief *
Will you need volunteer coverage for short breaks at your exhibit?
Exhibitor Booth Requirements
March 17 -19, 2019 (Move-in March 16, 2019)

• One draped table and two chairs
• One electrical plug-in of 120 volts/1500 watts, only if requested
• 24-hour general security
• Light breakfast and lunches for booth personnel

If you confirmed two 10' x 10' booths on your Exhibitor Registration form, your requirements will be referred to as a "double booth".

Confirm Booth Fittings (Included) - One 10' x 10' booth
All of these items will be supplied, if selected
Confirm Booth Fittings (Included) - Double booth
Registration fees for the first booth have been waived. A second booth is available for exhibitors who are major sponsors or who have paid for a second booth. All of these items will be supplied, if selected.
ESfS will order the following items on your behalf from our on-site suppliers: Calgary Stampede and GES. The following items are NOT included with your registration. You will be invoiced for additional items in February 2019.
# of Additional Tables $95 each
Your answer
# of Additional Chairs $10 each
Your answer
# of Poster Boards $130 each
Your answer
# of Easels $20 each
Your answer
# of WiFi Services $205 each
3 Event Day Service, Sunday March 17, Monday March 18, and Tuesday March 19, 2019. Saturday service available for an additional $35. 1 wireless access code per computer / device. Computers / devices cannot be swapped out, non-transferrable.
Your answer
# of Multi-Entry Parking Permits $60 each
March 16-19, 2019: 4 day pass. Available for pickup from ESfS organizers upon arrival. Please note that Calgary Stampede charges $15 upon entry. No in and out privileges. For drop off and pick up, visits less than 30 minutes may be eligible for a refund.
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A/V Equipment
Additional A/V equipment can be ordered on your behalf. Please list the items you wish to order and we will confirm cost with the Calgary Stampede and GES, our on-site suppliers.
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I acknowledge that any additional items required that are not indicated above will be my responsibility to bring to the Earth Science for Society Exhibition *
Please do not place orders in this section. Urgent questions should be directed to your ESfS contact.
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If you have any further questions not addressed on this form, please contact us at:
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