Curricular Delphi Study on Science Education 2nd round / part II
Information on the second part of the questionnaire
This part of the questionnaire is about grouping 4 to 20 categories into combinations that you consider especially relevant. Per part you can chose between 1 and 5 categories.
Depending on how detailed you would like to answer in this part, you can repeat it between 1 and 10 form sheets for your combinations.
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In the following part we provide a _*fictitious example*_ of a concept that could lead to a certain category combination:
Science education should be embedded within [everyday life] contexts and the context of [medicine / health] in order to make a contribution to the students’ [education / general personality development]. In this regard, biochemical foundations should be acquired by considering [structure, function and properties] of organic compounds in the field of [health / medicine] and [food / nutrition]. Besides the development of [knowledge] this should enable the students to act [reflectedly and responsibly] as well as to [judge / reflect and form their own opinions].
Thus, the fictitious person would have chosen the following categories: (please open the URL)
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