PFAN Coronavirus Survey
The Parents Families and  Allies Network  is gathering information from parents and families involved in child protection in the UK. We want to learn about how the coronavirus shutdown is affecting you. We want to hear what issues and needs you have so that we can advocate for impacted parents and families. We also want to hear about any positive initiatives you or others have taken to deal with problems caused by the shutdown.

Please tell us a little about how the coronavirus shutdown is affecting you, particularly your child protection involvement and contact with children in care. Please answer all questions that apply. You can use a false name or answer anonymously.
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No information identifying you will be published without your specific consent. PFAN will publish findings on its website and quote specific responses in our advocacy work without identifying individuals.
Please note that we are not able to work on individual cases.
Our website gives some possible sources of support see 
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Children's Social Care department you are involved with
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How is coronavirus impacting on your involvement in child protection? For example, is it impacting on child protection plans, visits, or court case?
If your child or children are in care or adopted, what are your biggest concerns?
How is this situation affecting you emotionally and mentally?
Has anyone reached out to you regarding your emotional well-being and child protection involvement?
How is this situation affecting you financially?
How is this situation impacting on your housing?
Has anyone helped you with issues like contact, court involvement, finances or housing? and if so how have they helped?
Is the coronavirus shutdown impacting on you in other ways? If so, how?
What are your biggest concerns or needs at this time?
What has helped you or been a support to you and your family?
What do you think the children's social care leadership and local and national politicians need to understand about what families are going through?
Are you interested in participating in a conference call or Facebook Live event about how coronavirus is impacting families with child protection involvement?
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We may be talking to reporters who want to speak to parents about how coronavirus measures are impacting families in the child protection or social work system
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