Call for Artists - The Umbrella Project
Submission Deadline: Monday, December 10, 2018, 11:59 AM, PST

The Umbrella Project is part of the Artistic Encounters Program, produced by ArtCity Eugene and sponsored by City of Eugene Cultural Services


The Umbrella Project is a roaming time-based art project that provides ambiance, and brings an ever-changing and engaging display of live illuminated art. It takes place in the early evening as darkness falls upon the downtown corridor of Eugene.

All participating artist groups will be provided the same canvas or prop: a white umbrella. The Artist groups will activate Downtown Eugene by decorating and illuminating these umbrellas as inspired by their artistic form. Artists will engage the public through diverse artistic practices. Artistic forms may include dance, thespians in character, visual artists, digital artists, storytellers, spoken-word artists, poets, writers, mimes, musicians, jugglers, and more.

All umbrellas are required to be illuminated. Painting, embellishing, or writing on the umbrellas is encouraged but not required. We look forward to hearing your creative ideas for how you will design the umbrellas. Activating the umbrellas may range from choreographed dance, to being in costume or character while walking down the street, or walking with umbrellas that are designed with original poetry or art, carrying the umbrella while you recite spoken word, or carrying the illuminated umbrella while you mime, or wearing the umbrella as a hat while you juggle, or.......???

Artist groups will design and activate the umbrellas in accordance with their artistic practice. Artists may invite the public to join them in choreographed movement with provided umbrellas, or they may walk down the street alongside members of the public providing shelter from the rain and simultaneously sharing their art, or....???

10 small groups or collaborations of artists will be selected through this call for artists. Each group will activate Downtown Eugene for one hour beginning at "sunset" on two separate evenings during the months of January and February. Each group will consist of 5 to 10 participating artists who activate 10 umbrellas. Artists will activate areas in and around the areas of high density traffic in the downtown core such as Kesey Square, the Park Blocks, Downtown Eugene Public Library, Broadway between Charnelton and Olive Streets, and Willamette between 8th and 10th Streets.

Each group of 5-10 artists will be paid a stipend of $500 and they will be provided with 10 white umbrellas. Each group will be accountable to acquire their own LED (or other) lights, costuming, and materials so they can illuminate, design, and activate their umbrellas as they envision.

The Umbrella Project Auction:

At the conclusion of the 2 month program, all participating artists will come together with all 100 umbrellas for a culminating event during the First Friday ArtWalk on March 1, 5:30-8:00 pm. During this event ArtCity will conduct a fundraising auction of all 100 umbrellas. Funds will be divided 40-40-20 to benefit 15th Night (40%), the artist/artist group who designed the umbrellas (40%), and ArtCity Eugene (20%).

Submission Process:

Lead artists are encouraged to submit for their group of 5-10 artists. Individual artists may submit, and request the opportunity to work with a group of artists who are working in a similar art form.

Please submit photos of your work, your website, and your concept (including the number of people in your group). You may submit websites for multiple artists in your group. The selection committee understands the work samples submitted will not be the work that selected artists will create for The Umbrella Project. However, the work submitted for review is expected to reflect the quality and professional artistry of the work selected artists will produce for The Umbrella Project.

After reviewing submissions, ArtCity will confirm acceptance status and event date(s) via email and provide each group with 10 umbrellas.

Selected artist groups will be included in social media promotion prior to each groups' show time.

Submission is free.

Existing Umbrella Projects that may help artists develop concepts:

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