Christmas Eve Survey
This year, our Elders and staff would like your help as we plan for Christmas Eve Worship. Christmas Eve service times will be finalized following our December 1 Elders' meeting. Your answers to these questions will bless us as we set service times for the greatest impact. A few things to help you as you answer:

1- You are answering this survey for your household. Please only turn in one per household.

2 - There will be a Livestream Christmas Eve service to watch live or later. This service will more closely resemble Christmas Eve services of past years.

3 - There will also be three "In-person" services. These "in-person" services will be following our current mitigation strategies with seating in the sanctuary, chapel, narthex, and fellowship halls. Depending on numbers, coming to an "in-person" service could mean sitting in any of these areas. Social distancing and masks are required.

4 - Due to limited capacity at each service, we will need you to register ahead of time for the service you plan to attend. We do not want to turn anyone away, but we cannot exceed a "safe" capacity, so registering early will allow us to safely maximize attendance.

5 - If you plan to attend in person, please be flexible. Your preferred service may be full when you register. Your family is important, but remember, we are a large Family of Believers and need to do what is best for the Family as a whole!

6 - Making this happen will take a Family of Believers! If interested in coming inside, please prayerfully consider how you can help us!

7 - As we plan for both "in-person" and livestream who knows what the COVID world will bring. Do not be dismayed if we have to further alter our plans or go completely to livestream only. At the end of the day, it is about celebrating the birth of a Savior! Sharing the Good News of Great joy! Easter was still Easter and Christmas will be too!

P.S. There will be some type of Youth Candlelight service. This survey is to only gauge interest in our Christmas Eve services.
On Christmas Eve my household will most likely worship:
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If we plan to worship in person, we would have approximately this many attend (remember to account for extended family and visitors that may come with you):
If you checked "in person" worship, please rank these POTENTIAL services times in order of preference. Note: Not all these will be offered.
Late Morning (around 11 AM)
Early Afternoon (around 1 PM)
Afternoon (around 3 PM)
Early Evening (around 5 PM)
Evening (around 7 PM)
First Preference
Second Preference
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If we plan to worship in person, we could help in any of the following ways (check all that apply):
If you answered yes to any of the above opportunities, please provide us with your name and best contact method!
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