Wiregrass BEST Robotics 2016 Registration Form for Judging Bet the Farm
This form is to be filled out if you are willing to volunteer for the 2016 Wiregrass BEST Robotics Competition as a judge. You will receive emails closer to each event and will be reminded of what events you have through a spreadsheet that will be distributed as soon as we close recruitment for judging. You will be trained before each session and lunch or dinner will be provided.
Any questions please contact Stephen Tsukuda at stephen.tsukuda@bestinc.org, or 3347979161
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I. Engineering Notebooks
-When: October 27, 2016
-Where: Troy Dothan Campus
-Time: 5 to 8 PM; We are needing you for at least 2 of the 3 hours so that we can get all notebooks done. Please email me also what time frame fits your schedule to judge notebooks
-Description: The purpose of the notebook is to document the process the team used to design, build, and test their robot. Judges look for the following items: Implementation of the Engineering Design Process, a Research Paper, Brainstorming Approaches, Analytical Evaluation of Design Alternatives, Offensive and Defensive Evaluation, Software Design and Simulation, Safety, Support Documentation, Overall Quality and Completeness of Notebook.
III. Marketing Presentations
-When: October 28, 2016
-Where: Troy Dothan Campus
-Time: 9-4
-Description: These presentations are a group of students trying to sell you the Board (team of judges) of a company to buy their robot. Presentations will be evaluated by the following things: Company Demographics, Budget and Operations, Design and Manufacturing Process, Marketing Strategies, Use of Available Technology, Quality of Presentation
IV. Team Exhibits and Interviews
-When: Game Day October 29, 2016
-Where: Ozark Civic Center
-Description: The purpose of the exhibit and interviews is for the students to be able to communicate an understanding of the game them. It also demonstrate how the team has promoted BEST in the school and community. The judges will look for how the exhibit is and how well students respond to interview questions.
V. Spirit and Sportsmanship
-When: Game Day October 29, 2016
-Where: Ozark Civic Center
-Description: Judges will observe the spirit promoted by the team during the competition rounds as well as the team's conduct throughout the day in the seating area, team exhibit area, game floor, and pit area. Judges may also consider the teams' conduct at the entire competition.
VI.Special Competition Awards
-When: Game Day October 29, 2016
-Where: Ozark Civic Center
-Time: 9-12
VI.Web Page Design
-When: At your own time
-Time:At your own time
-Description: The website is a marketing tool to be used by the "BEST company" to both market their robot for retail sales and to emphasize that their company is the best company by which to purchase a robot. On a well organized and professionally presented website, teams should showcase their company's team members, development efforts, and community outreach with consideration to the constraints of the game theme. Judging will be based on the following categories: basic information, navigation, functionality, layout/readability, content/game theme, community outreach, and creativity/originality.
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