Project Borealis - Level Design
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As a Level Designer, you will need to be able to take a range of sources (e.g: Textual descriptions, concept artwork, 3D mockups) to create playable environments and scenarios. You will work coherently with, and build on the ideas of, other team members, while taking player feedback into consideration.
Skill Requirements
● Strong knowledge and understanding of First Person Shooter gameplay mechanics and design considerations for the creation of 3D levels
● Ability to sketch 2D floor plans and gameplay scenarios and turn them into 3D playable gameplay environments
● An understanding of the Half-Life universe and how combat, puzzles, and environmental navigation impact the way that the world is experienced by the player
● Experience working on a released, high quality video game project (mod, map, indie game, AAA game, or other)
● Experience designing first-person physics based puzzles
● Experience using 3D game engines and related tools, ideally using Unreal Engine 4 with a 3D modeling-based pipeline (e.g: Maya, Blender)
● Familiarity with the purpose and functions of version control software, primarily Git.
Project Requirements
● The ability to give and take constructive criticism
● The ability to handle multiple assignments at once while staying organized
● The ability to contribute, on average, 5 hours a week to Project Borealis
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