BCM Parking Pass
Purchase a parking pass for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. 

$25 for summer 2023 parking pass

$30 for a single semester parking pass

$50 for a two semester parking pass
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Do you agree to purchase the BCM Parking Pass for the 2023-24 school year?  *
Are you purchasing a Fall semester parking pass ($30) or a School Year parking pass ($50)?
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Do you understand that the purchase of the BCM Parking Pass is NOT refundable or transferable?  *
Do you understand that the BCM is NOT held liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen items, or personal harm as a result of you parking in the BCM Parking lot?  *
The BCM Parking lot is monitored for the purpose of TOWING vehicles that do not belong, that engage in illegal activity, or do not adhere to the rules, do you agree and understand this rule?  *
Do you understand that you may park in any of the numbered BCM parking spaces? *
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Please display your BCM Parking pass in the rear, bottom left of your vehicles window.

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Please indicate how you would like to receive your BCM Parking Pass: (Pick-up at BCM building or through the mail) 

If you would like your pass mailed, please provide mailing address below: 
How will you pay for your pass? *
Purchase your BCM parking pass using a link below. If paying in person, note in the space below. 


Please return to this form to submit it after you purchase your BCM parking pass. If purchasing in person, submit the form. 
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