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We're glad you're here -- thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and especially for trying out the alpha version of Spectrolite! For reference, our list of things we're actively working on and what we plan to build is here: http://bit.ly/spectrolite
-Amelia & Adam / ANEMONE / https://anemone.es
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We love to find more cool people making riso prints! (Ours is @anemone.es)
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It helps to write down the steps of what you did, so we can try to do the same things in order to figure out how to fix it.
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From the Spectrolite menu at the left of the top bar, choose "About Spectrolite" to see the version.
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It helps to write down the steps of what you did, then what happened vs what you were expecting to happen. Eg, "I pushed the export button and I thought I'd get ... but instead ..."
If you want it to do something else it can't do yet, tell us about it.
If it's replacing a workflow you already do some other way, tell us about how you're doing it now? What programs/steps/equipment are you using?
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