COVID Screening: Vista Hills YDP
This screening, combined with program attendance records where applicable, may be used to support contact tracing in consultation with Public Health.

PARENTS: All parents of children enrolled in a before school, PA Day or camp program are asked to complete this form each day your child is scheduled to attend. The form must be completed by 8:00 am or prior to arrival at the centre/school - whichever is earlier.

** One form per child
*** Complete each and every day your child is scheduled to attend (including if they are not attending due to new symptoms)

STAFF: All employees are required to complete this screening questionnaire each day prior to reporting for work. A temperature check is required upon arrival at your work location. If you have any symptoms or feel ill, please do not report to work. Instead notify your supervisor immediately.

VISITORS: All visitors, including parents, who have been approved to enter the building are required to complete a COVID-19 screening.

This tool provides basic information only and contains recommendations for children and staff to support decision making by parents about whether their child should attend the program and/or needs to be tested for COVID-19. It is not to be used as a clinical assessment tool or intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

When assessing for the symptoms below, you should focus on evaluating if they are new, worsening, or different from your/your child’s baseline health status or usual state. If yes, select that symptom. Symptoms associated with known chronic health conditions or related to other known causes/conditions should not be considered unless new, different or worsening (If no, leave blank and select None of the Above).

After a failed screening, follow the guidance regarding return to work/child care. In general, children should no longer have a fever and their symptoms improving to be able to return to school/child care. Mild symptoms known to persist in young children (e.g. runny nose or mild cough that may persist following infections) may be ongoing at time of return to school/child care if other symptoms have resolved.

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