TATI Online Art Hive - Registration
Sessions via Zoom on Wednesdays and Sundays
May 26 to July 18, 2021
2-4pm EDT

Facilitated by art therapy students at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (TATI), who are supervised by registered Canadian art therapists and psychotherapists.

An Art Hive, or community art studio, is a free space that welcomes everyone to take part in self-directed art making, in community with others. Facilitators are available to offer suggestions for art-making if needed. Participants are also invited to share art-making related skills in some sessions. Participants may share images of their artwork on the TATI Online Art Hive's Instagram account @TATIonlinearthive by emailing images to TATIarthive@gmail.com.

The Art Hive does not provide psychotherapy. The group is not intended for in depth processing of artwork, meanings, or emotions. However, facilitators are available for individual support in a breakout room if needed, and can also offer resources for counselling and mental health services.

We can accommodate 15 participants in each session, please note that this will be done on a first come first serve basis.

If you're interested in participating in the Art Hive sessions, please complete the form below. The Zoom link and session information will be emailed to everyone who has registered every Tuesday and Saturday until July 18.

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First and last name -- please ensure that your display name on Zoom matches the name on this form so we know to let you into the session. *
Phone number -- we are collecting this information for safety reasons. We will not contact participants by phone unless we have reasons to be concerned about their safety. *
The online Art Hive will take place on Zoom. Please confirm that you have access to the following: *
As much as is possible, we ask people to attend in a private space to ensure a level of confidentiality for all. Others you live with are not able to join the session with you unless they have also completed their own registration form. We understand that others may walk by in the background and that is ok. Do you have a private space to attend the Art Hive session? *
Group guidelines -- Keep in mind we are co-creating this space together and aiming for an enjoyable, safe space for all, we ask participants to please: 1) Respect for each others privacy (what is shared at the Art Hive stays at the Art Hive), 2) keep conversations community appropriate, 3) no judgements or critique of others or their work, 4) respect each others' sharing on their own terms, 5) refrain from consuming alcohol or other substances during session, 6) if at any point you feel a need for some individual support with one of the facilitators, let us know using the ‘direct chat’ function or speaking/asking in the group. *
Limits of Confidentiality -- Although the facilitators will protect your privacy as outlined above, they will have to reveal certain personal information to relevant authorities: 1) when the disclosure of client confidences is mandated by law; 2) when there is clear and immediate danger to a person or persons; 3) when there is suspicion that a child under the age of 18 is being abused; 4) when it is disclosed that a person is in possession of sexual images or stories of children; 5) when it is disclosed that you have been abused by a regulated healthcare professional; 6) art therapy students are supervised by registered Canadian art therapists to ensure the quality of their practice, and non-identifying information from the Art Hive may be shared in supervision meetings for the students’ learning. *
Security of video session -- The facilitators will make every reasonable effort to ensure the privacy and security of the Zoom sessions, such as enabling the waiting room, and only those who have registered with the Art Hive will be permitted to enter the Zoom sessions. However, all electronic communications can be susceptible to disruptions and interceptions. We ask that participants do not give the Art Hive zoom link to others. *
Please type your name below as signature to indicate that you agree with the above terms and conditions of the TATI Online Art Hive, and give permission for us to contact you for the purpose of attending Art Hive sessions, from now until July 18, 2021. *
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Thank you for registering for the Art Hive! We will be sending the Zoom link to sessions every Tuesday and Saturday (the day before the sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays). If you have any questions please contact TATIarthive@gmail.com.
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