Rev It Up Girls W.O.W Application
Our mission is to PROMOTE WOMEN AND YOUNG LADIES to explore and thrive in the backcountry, with emphasis on year-round safety and awareness while providing an atmosphere of FRIENDSHIP and FUN!
We want to give back to deserving ladies and help support their dream with our sponsorship program. Please fill out this form to be considered for sponsorship with RevItUpGirls! Make sure that you read all the questions and answer appropriately. We are focusing on the content of your answers. If you need help filling out this form, contact us at
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Are you still in High school? *
How old are you? *
If you are under 18 years of age, you will be required to set up a meeting with your parent / legal guardian and RIUG President. As well as, get a consent and liability waiver signed. Are you able to do this? *
What is your background in motor sport if any. IE: dirt bikes, ATV, UTV, Jet skis etc. *
Are you an active Military service member? *
Have you retired or been honorably discharged from military service? *
Are you interested in Winter or Summer Sponsorship Program? *
Please let us know what you are most in need of. IE: I am able to travel to the event but will need assistance with ... gear, rental sled or bike or lodging. *
Briefly explain why you would like to be considered for the Winter or Summer Sponsorship Program? (50 or more words) Please include a short self bio. *
Are you interested in learning about Rev It Up Girls service projects, club events, or other activities ? *
If selected, do you give RevItUpGirls consent to post photos of you while on your ride with us to our website, social media and/or marketing material for the purpose of promoting our sponsorship program ? *
Are you a yearly club member of RevItUpGirls? If no, are you interested in becoming a member? *
What is Rev It Up Girls Club mission and how do you feel this experience would affect you? Your answer should be 25 or more words. *
Many of our off-road summer and winter trail are being closed every year. Explain how your involvement could help keep our trails open? HINT: Do research and find out what groups are out there such as WSSA, ACSA, AMPL etc. that are fighting to keep areas open to snowmobiling and summer motorized sports. Be creative and include a possible strategy might help get people involved to benefit our sport. This short essay should be 75 or more words. *
We want to get to know you. If you have a social media account please submit that here. This will not be shared. *
Are you a member of any other clubs or organizations. Please list them here
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RevItUpGirls will not tolerate any negative behavior in person, or on any format of social media. As a sponsee we will expect the same from you. Can you comply to this request? *
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