Atari 26 Sign ups
RGLtv is proud to present the first Atari 26 race!

26 Atari games back to back to back to back. Score attack and beat the game.... are you radical enough to race these games?
The race will be held on March 24th at 1pm EST.


1.Dragster - Goal 6.3 finish time

2. Yar's Revenge - Goal 50k points

3.River Raid - Goal 20k

4.Fast Eddie - Goal 25k

5.Keystone Kapers - Goal 25k

6.Missile Command - Goal 26k

7.Jawbreaker - Goal 11K

8.Phoenix - Goal 3 loops

9.Ikari Warriors - Goal 15K points

10. Millipede - Goal 40k

11.Berzerk - Goal 15k

12.Chopper Command - Goal 20k

13.Save Mary - Save Mary four times, on Novice difficulty

14.Turmoil - Goal beat stage 6

15.Solaris - Goal 20k

16.Boing! - Goal beat level 3

17.Megamania - Goal 50k

18.Jungle Hunt- Goal finish 2 loops

19. Pressure Cooker - Goal 14K

20. Pengo - Goal 20k

21.Robot tank -Goal defeat 3 squadrons (36 tanks)

22.Adventure - Goal Finish the game on Game 1 and Game 2

23.Pitfall II- complete the game

24. Montezuma's Revenge - Goal get the treasure

25.Secret Quest - finish 3rd space station

26. H.E.R.O. - Goal beat level 9

Join our Discord server for tips, tutorials, and game info. Please be sure to join, as the race will be held there.

Sign up here to get added to our race time spreadsheeet. Please be ready to race on March 24th at 12:40pm EST for capture.


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