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The Center for Music Entrepreneurship (CME) regularly connects talented students and alumni of Manhattan School of Music (MSM) with a range of off-campus opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to facilitate your request to Hire an MSM Musician.
To utilize this service, please share details about your event/opportunity by completing the form below.

The CME will review your information and then have a qualified musician -- one who is interested and available -- contact you. You and the musician will finalize all logistics, including a contract.

Though there is no fee to use the CME's referral service, clients are required to directly pay musicians a professional fee. The CME does not issue contracts and is not responsible for final negotiations between the client and musician; the CME only assists in connecting potential clients with musicians. However, if needed, after reviewing your form, the CME can make suggestions based on guidelines set forth by the American Federation of Musicians that take into account the professional level of MSM musicians as well as your specific needs.

NOTE: This form is for hiring musicians for one-time/short-term gigs. To share details about longer-term positions / opportunities or to request a teacher for private lessons, please email us directly at cme@msmnyc.edu.

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We generally advise clients to share requests no more than 2-3 months in advance. This allows ample time to find qualified musicians while keeping cancellations and confusion to a minimum. However, if it would be helpful to you, we're always happy to discuss the Hire a Musician process well in advance.
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Musicians must be able to leave at the indicated end time. Please indicate and provide details if the musician(s) will have to set up in multiple locations.
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Please include the name of venue, street address, city, state, and zip.
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If associated with an organization, please indicate the name of the organization.
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What type of musician(s) are you looking for? *
Examples: solo guitar, piano, jazz trio, classical string quartet, voice and piano, a coloratura soprano, etc.
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How will their music add to the event?
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If you are hiring a pianist, please describe the venue's piano, if known: *
If utilizing a venue's piano, clients need to make sure it has been recently tuned.
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Example: "brother of the bride" or "host"
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Please also share are any additional contacts that the musician(s) should have.
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