EAC Student Post-Intake Survey
This questionnaire will help us to provide you with clarifications and additional information. Your answers will help us focus on areas where you require information.
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Who is your Education Access Center counselor? *
Would you agree that the Education Access Center's procedures were sufficiently explained? *
Are there differences between High School and College (accommodations versus modifications)? *
Were Faculty Notification Letters, including Instructor’s Expectations and Responsibilities, explained?
Were the Students Rights and Responsibilities, as well as Universal Testing Procedures for all of the campuses, explained?
How many days in advance should you schedule your exams in the Education Access Center?
Were the Education Access Center's Resources explained through the Website Demonstration?
Was the Use of Adaptive Technology/Equipment/Computers, the use of a Volunteer Note-taker, Special Classroom Seating, and obtaining textbooks in an alternative format (ex: audio books), explained?
Was a TCC Website demonstration given to show how to use MyTCC?
Was the Financial Aid, Career Services, and Student Health Services Information shown through the website demonstration?
Was the Community and Internet Resources/TCC Helpful Numbers, as well as the Parking Procedures, shown through the website demonstration?
Was the Library Information Link shown through the website demonstration?
Were the Tulsa Community College Emergency Evacuation Procedures explained?
Was the Student Code of Conduct and Disability Rights Laws, explained?
Was the TRIO Student Services Program link shown through the website demonstration?
Was the Tulsa Community College Degree Plan Discussed?
Was the FERPA explained?
Was the Education Access Center Service Agreement Discussed and Signed?
Does the student renew accommodations each semester, or once a year?
Were you shown how to self-enroll for classes?
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