TED Talk: Laurel Braitman
Watch the TED Talk by Laurel Braitman titled “Depressed dogs, cats with OCD” and answer the questions below.
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Depressed dogs, cats with OCD
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1. How does Braitman argue the values of understanding the mentality of animals in understanding the mentality of ourselves? *
2. How is the study of emotional distress similar in animals to the study of emotional distress in humans?(list and explain 3 different examples) *
3. What does it mean to be anthropomorphic? Why is this difficult? How do you do it well? Poorly? *
4. How has the psycho-pharmaceutical medicine industry been helped by animals? How does this help humans? How does it help animals? *
5. What can veterinary science teach humans about psychology? *
6. What is the value of understanding animals when trying to understand the human psyche? As Individuals? *
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