Fall 2020 Online Tutoring Services Request Form
This form needs to be completed for each tutor and study coach request. If you are making multiple requests (such as multiple courses), fill out this form each time.

Tutoring Services requests will be followed-up on Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Requests submitted outside of these hours will be followed-up on as soon as possible the next business day or the next week.

Weekly one-hour long appointments will be scheduled as availability permits. Appointments are conducted online using Microsoft Teams. After an appointment match is made, follow-up emails will be sent with a link to the online session, appointment details, and instructions.

Starting September 28th, Students can request an additional 1 hour of tutoring (a maximum of 2 hours per week) for the same course.

Appointments will be set up for the following date range:
August 31 - December 6
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