Academic spending
We probably all spend a bit of money on our jobs from time to time - not claiming back for food whilst travelling, or treating ourselves to a laptop that we know will be used primarily for work...

This survey is an informal way of looking at what people will spend their own money on whilst working in an academic role. It's not a scientific survey and doesn't have any validity. Generic answers might be used in an article on - nothing which identifies an individual or an institution will be published though.

We're working on an article now based on data collected up until 10th Sep. There may be a followup article based around the response to that so we are leaving the form up with a few additional questions.
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How do you feel about spending your own money on work? (new question)
Could you do your job without spending your own money? (new question)
Do you spend your own money on...
Yes, loads
I have done once or twice
Tea/Coffee when travelling
Lunches when travelling
Evening meals when travelling
Hospitality - meals or drinks for other people
Travel for short trips (less than an hour or so each way)
Travel for long trips (more than an hour or so each way)
International travel
Fees for one day meetings
Fees for multi-day conferences
Small pieces of equipment (less than £50/$60)
Larger pieces of equipment
Laptops/ computers
Books for teaching
Books for research
Article publication fees
Memberships for professional societies/bodies
Clear selection
What's your career stage?
Do you spend your own money on anything else for work?
Approximately how much of your own money do you spend on work stuff a year?
What country do you work in?
What discipline do you work in?
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