God's Work, Our Hands - Serenity Inn Meal
Tuesday, May 7 - meet at Atonement at 5:00 PM (goes until 7:30 PM)
Serenity Inn Meal - Tuesday, May 7 - meet at Atonement @ 5:00 PM (goes until 7:30 PM)
Meet at church at 5:00 PM. to provide a meal up to 12 men living in recovery at this transitional home. Have you ever wondered, "What can I do about the growing opiod crisis?" Here is a very meaningful chance to serve. There is opportunity for 10 folks from Atonement to participate. Please sign up to bring a dish, a salad, a fruit, vegetables or a dessert. Please make enough for the men, an innkeeper, plus those of use going there as we share food and fellowship with them. Feel no worries about leftovers as they eat them the next day at lunch.

Leader: Al and Jan Larsen (414) 529-5193

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