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Make sure to provide an up-to-date email for easy communication and billing. Also list the name, gender, age, height and weight of everyone included in the reservation. Solo travelers are welcome on any of the scheduled trips shown on the Tour Calendar with no single supplement charge. Thank you for your reservation.
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List the number of and name, gender, age of everyone included in this reservation.
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Kayaking Experience
Has anyone used a sit-inside touring kayak with sprayskirt and foot controlled rudder?
Camping Experience
Has anyone experienced primitive camping in the backcountry?
Fitness Level
Please list everyone's height and weight for sizing.
Medical Conditions
Please describe any conditions that you would like us to know about, include medications.
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Please provide contact information for a person that you would like us to notify in case of an emergency. Provide their relationship, name, phone and email.
Booking Terms & Conditions
1) PAYMENT - A non-refundable deposit of $300 per person is required for this booking to be confirmed. Once payment is received, we will issue a confirmation email and a contract will exist between us at that date. Payment of the balance is due two months before the departure date. If any payment is not made on or before the due date, we may treat your booking as cancelled.  2) CANCELLATION BY US - We may cancel any tour at any time prior to departure if external events outside our control such as travel restrictions, natural disasters, government shutdown, national park closure, campsite limitations, guide illness or injury, equipment breakdown, unsafe weather conditions, etc make it not viable for us to operate the trip. You are strongly advised to take out personal travel insurance which will cover non-refundable payments.  3) CANCELLATION BY YOU - We require a non-refundable deposit of $300 per person to confirm your reservation. The balance is due two months prior to departure. Cancellation by you for any reason at any time prior to departure is not eligible for refund of any payments submitted. A cancellation by you will only be effective when we receive written notice. You are strongly advised to take out personal travel insurance. This cancellation policy is firm in all situations.  4) MINIMUM AGE - The minimum age is 10 years old on the departure date. All minor children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and are required to paddle in a tandem kayak with the adult guardian. This means all family bookings with minor children must have one adult participant for each child.  5) MAXIMUM AGE - For safety reasons, the maximum age is 72 years old on the departure date. This is necessary because these are very physically demanding sea kayak tours in the remote backcountry. All participants must be able to climb in and out of a confining sit-inside sea kayak seat from ground level without assistance. This can be impossible for seniors. These tours also operate in remote backcountry areas where quick evacuation may not possible during a medical emergency.  6) PHYSICAL FITNESS - These kayak tours are active outdoor adventure trips in the remote backcountry. We use sit-inside sea kayaks that have narrow and confining seats with a maximum 220 pound person capacity. Each tour participant must have the strength and flexibility to climb in and out of the kayak seat at ground level without assistance. In addition high winds, large waves and strong currents can sometimes make paddling difficult. Each participant must have the physical strength necessary to control their kayak in any difficult conditions. Each adult guardian on the family tours must also have the strength to paddle a double kayak by themselves with little assistance from their minor child in the front seat.
Tour Confirmation Policy
Thank you for your reservation. We will review your booking and email you a PayPal invoice for the amount due. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you a confirmation email, Everglades Tour Info sheet and Liability Waiver. Your tour is guaranteed to go at that point. Please do not make additional travel arrangements such as purchasing airline tickets, reserving rental cars or booking rooms, etc until you receive the reservation confirmation from us. Please be sure to print and carefully read through the Everglades Tour Info sheet. It contains everything you need to know to prepare for your tour and should answer most questions you might have. It includes pre-departure information, travel options, Everglades camping details, post-tour information, and a detailed personal packing list. If you still have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call Dave K. at 386-295-1850 or email to Thanks again and we'll see you soon in the Everglades!
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