Speaker Form | Boston Freedom Rally 2020
The Boston Freedom Rally is enjoying its 31st Year! We are 31 years and growing in advocacy against prohibition, for education, and for rational public policy. We stand on the backs of giants; patients who lost their lives, advocates who gave their lives, & activists whose lives were ruined.

Through education, civil disobedience, speakers, and music, we present a culture seeking to normalize the consumption of cannabis in the eyes of the public and the Commonwealth. Thousands make their way to the east coast to enjoy the family reunion on the Boston Common.

When: Saturday, September 19th, 12 PM-8 PM
Where: Boston Common, Boston Massachusetts.
Why: To educate the public, practice civil disobedience, and to meet up.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating and speaking in this year's rally.

**Please be advised that we are unable to provide travel accommodations as we are a non-profit run on volunteered time and effort to put on this free event to the public.

**Parking is not included. Please be advised this event is in the heart of Boston with limited parking options. There is a parking garage directly beneath the Common and public transportation is nearby via commuter rail and subway lines.

**Please advise if you need accessibility accommodations. The Education Village panel discussions are on a stage that is too small to accommodate wheel chairs safely, but discussions will take place in 8 tents each set up with an EdVillage storyboard, and chairs for round-table discussions.

About Masscann
The mission of The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann), is to build a consensus for a more moral and rational public policy regarding all uses of the cannabis plant.

**This sign-up is to determine interest and is contingent upon the Boston Freedom Rally taking place.

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