Shared Garden Bed Membership Application
Priority for garden beds is to groups or individuals aligned with our vision and goals.

Our garden is envisioned to create community space and social cohesion through participation, education and events.
We promote food security by supporting neighborhood organizations and
charities with the food grown by our volunteers.

This is shared gardening, there are no private plots. This garden is being created to build connections in the community and create a peaceful place for neighbors to grow and share food together.

We are offering the community a new opportunity to grow their own culturally specific food in a ground-breaking community garden. This new model is meant to be as inclusive as possible, reflecting and celebrating the diversity of gardening cultures in our neighbourhood. Rather than the one-person one-bed model, we are looking for a small group of gardeners who work together on each bed.

Groups: We are asking for local groups, especially those who serve those in need in our community or who represent the cultural and multi-generational diversity in our neighbourhood, to apply for a garden bed. For example, newcomers, youth, refugees, seniors, low-income families, and faith based groups. Groups (5-8 people) can be formalized or like-minded individuals who come together to form a group.

Individuals: Everyone is invited to get involved. You can garden in the Commons area or we can help you join up with a group. Drop in and help out in our Commons area which includes the herb garden, food forest, fruit trees, and the pollinator garden; make compost, build a garden shed + more. If you want to be part of a Garden Bed, let us know and we’ll connect you to a group.

A few of the garden beds have become available.

E-mail inquiries to Further details at

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