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1. Campaign goals: SMART goals
1.1 Generic Questions
Do you have an online presence? What is your experience with that?  
How old is your Social Media Presence:
What are the other mediums for advertising that you are using?  
List each platforms on social media and what are the engagement levels :
Do you have Google Analytics on the website?
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Have you ever tracked the data through Analytics and tweak the Social Media/website/campaign accordingly?
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How are you generating the leads? Through website, emailers, SMS, Social Media ?  
Are you running a digital ad campaign currently if so please provide details
1.2 General aims for Campaign/Pitch
What is the  General marketing aim of campaign or Social Media ?  
What are the Product categories or services we need to focus upon?  
What is the goal For Social Media?  
1.3 Branding objectives
Brand familiarity – which products are featured in campaign, what is the emphasis?  
Brand purchase intent goals – how is the campaign intended to directly and indirectly influence sales -
Tell us about you brand and product line which you would like to promote/ average ticket price :
1.4 Engagement goals
How will you assess audience engagement and campaign momentum?
Return visits during campaign :
Engaging with different content types - which?
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