Product Intake Questionnaire
SPARC is a cannabis business with retail locations in Sonoma County and San Francisco County.

If you are interested in vending with SPARC, please fill out the questionnaire below. The information provided will be reviewed by the SPARC product intake team, and you will be contacted if they are interested in carrying your product(s) in stores.

Are you a verified equity applicant with San Francisco?
In support of San Francisco's Equity Goals SPARC is actively looking for cannabis and cannabis products cultivated, manufactured, or distributed by Equity qualified licensees. Please fill out this questionnaire for some basic information that will allow the SPARC intake team to do a preliminary review of your products. Verification of your Equity Applicant status with San Francisco will be required and may prolong the response of our team.

Valid local and state licenses and a sellers permit are required for all vendors with SPARC

Email address *
Are you a verified San Francisco Equity Applicant/Operator? *
Licensee's Business Name *
Registered DBAs
PDF of all Valid CA State License(s) *
Distributor BCC License, and the Manufacturer CDPH and/or the Cultivator CDFA License
Business Contact Name, Email, Phone Number *
What Type(s) of Cannabis or Cannabis Product(s) are Available? *
Please describe in more detail the Cannabis or Cannabis Product(s) available.
Can you Provide us with State Compliant Labs for all Batches Purchased? *
Has this (these) Product(s) and/or Company had any Product Recalls, Serious Complaints, or Violations of Health and/or Safety Protocols/Regulations in the last year?
When do you Anticipate Receiving your Annual License and Establishing Track and Trace for UIDs and/or Batch Numbers?
Does your Company/Brand have any Websites and/or Social Media Accounts? What are the Handles?
Please attach any Additional Information about your Business and Products, if any
Any Questions you may have please feel free to list so we may try and address them directly
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