GLOBEFISH COVID-19 Fisheries Market Analysis
Please respond by Friday the 10th of April
The information collected in this questionnaire will be used in the forthcoming GLOBEFISH weekly newsletter to disseminate current information to the industry
Please note that fish is used as a collective term for fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic invertebrates
All responses are completely anonymous. No personal details or identifiable information will be collected in this survey and all results will be presented as aggregates
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Which country is your business based in?
Which activities do you undertake?
How has your business been affected as a result of the pandemic? Please include relevant details on production, demand, transport and trade.
How has demand for your products been affected?
Select all markets that you sell to
Large decrease
Slight decrease
No change
Slight increase
Large increase
Hospitality (restaurants, hotels)
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How have prices for your products been affected?
Select all products that you sell
Large decrease
Slight decrease
No change
Slight increase
Large increase
Fresh, chilled
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Has distribution been affected by the pandemic?
Has your government changed regulation of fish processing or distribution?
Yes, regulations are now more restrictive
Yes, regulations are now less restrictive
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Has your government introduced new regulations affecting fish production?
Yes, to enhance production
Yes, to reduce or halt production
Capture fisheries
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Have you been offered any government support as a result of the pandemic?
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How have fisheries businesses been affected in your country?
Stopped selling domestically
Stopped trading internationally
Temporarily stopped doing business
Closed permanently
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Do you have any other comments related to fisheries or trade in fish and the pandemic?
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