Prudent Data Gathering Form

We provide you a Prudent Data Gathering Form which is to be filled accurately and completely to the best of your knowledge under the guidance a Principal Financial Planner. In Prudent Data Gathering Form, you will furnish us with complete and up-to-date information about your personal and family circumstances and investment objectives. It requires the planner to collect as much information as possible about the current resources, assets and liabilities of yours.

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    Confidentiality of Data & Documents

    As per FPSB India's Code of Ethics and SEBI guidelines, client information and documents will be strictly kept confidential.

    Initial Committement to Clients

    1. Involve your Spouse while Filling the Data Gathering Form 2. Required 2-3 hours of Undistributed Time. 3. Keep the required documents handy.* 4. All the data you will input in the questionnaire, all depends on Plan Date

    How This Prudent Data Gathering Form Work?

    1.Fill the form under the guidance of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP Certificant) 2.Fill out this questionnaire accurately and completely to the best of your knowledge. 3.In some questions, there is access of answer through drop down selection cursor through mouse. 4.Mention "0" or NA for questions that do not relate to your circumstances. 5.First of all, you should fill all the personal & family basic details incluindg date of birth etc. 6.There is Risk Analysis Questionaire in the form. You should click in circle provided answer box. In case of any difficulty, please call us on +91 98160 02197 or send mail to