My Device, My Learning Parent Survey
Background:My Device My Learning is a new initiative by the province which will allow students to bring WIFI capable devices they own into the learning environment to be used to enhance the learning opportunities for all students. Over the past couple of years significant work and upgrades have been completed to bring the appropriate infrastructure to our building to enable this initiative to happen.

The following parent survey will provide the JMA Armstrong High and SMS Technology Committee with information around student and parent readiness for a My Device My Learning initiative.

Thank you for taking the time in filling out this survey as it will provide the Technology Committee with very valuable information.

My Device, My Learning will allow students to use their wireless technology (laptop, tablet, smartphone) at JMA Armstrong High/Salisbury Middle on an open wireless for educational purposes? Would you support a program allowing your son/daughter to bring his/her mobile devices to school to enhance their learning experience? *
How many students from grades 5-12 live in your home? *
Do you have a computer, smart phone or tablet that your son/daughter could use for school work? *
If your son/daughter does not have a device capable of accessing wireless internet (laptop, smartphone, tablet), would you be willing to purchase one? *
Approximately how often do you or your children access the school website *
Approximately how often do you or your children access teacher websites? *
The use of technology by students in the learning process is essential *
Would your son/daughter have a device capable of using wireless internet and aiding their education in class by the winter of 2018? *
Which of the following devices does your son/daughter currently have access to? *
Check all that apply.
How many devices, that use wireless internet, would your son/daughter bring to school each day to support his/her learning? *
What are the issues that you feel need to be reinforced to students in order to make the My Device, My Learning program successful?
Your answer
Who do you believe should be responsible for teaching students about digital citizenship in order to help insure student safety and to keep the My Device My Learning program problem free?
Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. (
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