VR and Digital Transport Questions
Implementing Creative Methodological Innovations for Inclusive Sustainable Transport Planning (i-CMiiST), a project funded by the British Academy involving researchers, creative experts, transport professionals and policy makers from the UK and Africa which is co-identifying ways to address the serious transport issues faced by many African cities.
One of the methods studied included use of VR and Digital Modelling. After having reviewed the digital model of Yaya Junction, we would appreciate if you answered some of these questions as we test the viability of such models: Link to Download Model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13oc0CQIvHpfwhaoapTojNJ5hx0TuKXGF/view
Are you Familiar with the Site - Yaya Junction
Do you think that this Digital Model effectively identifies some problems on the Site or can do so on a Similar Site?
Please give a brief explanation of your Answer above
Your answer
Which of the following interventions in the simulation do you think have the biggest positive impact on User Experience?
Which of the three alternatives gives the best experience on the street
Please explain the reason for your answer above
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Where do you think the model falls short from realistically solving Sustainable Transport Problems?
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If you have walked or cycled on that street - do the interventions make the walking or cycling experience better?
What other interventions would you like digitized and tried out before an actual intervention is done?
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Does the simulation give one a better feel over the street experience than Technical Drawings and Street Models?
Do you have any comments that you would like to share?
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