MEF Grant Application
Present your grant application in person at the MEF board meeting @ 7:00pm on Monday January 28,, 2019 in the Moreland School District board room: 4711 Campbell Ave, San Jose 95130

The MEF Innovation Grants Program aims to support innovative and creative approaches to education in all areas of learning and student enrichment. We fund programs that, once established successfully, can be sustained and modeled by others in Moreland. MEF innovation grant programs are funded to enhance existing curriculum or pilot innovative programs--but these funds aren't meant to purchase items that should be provided by the school district.

Call or text Punam Navalgund 408-203-2037 or email

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Enriches the educational experience for kids
Demonstrates innovation or creativity in education
Fills an unmet educational need
Impacts a substantial number of students
Increases student, teacher or parent involvement in education
Provides teacher or parent enrichment that will translate to students in a meaningful way
Explanation of how your program meets some or all of the six MEF grant criteria listed in the question above. *
Does the community support this project? Please describe how classroom parents, the home and school club, or other teachers have demonstrated support for this project. *
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