IFSS Dryland World Championships Application
Szamotuly-Kozle, Poland 2017
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Application Due date is August 15th 2017
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Please state in 5-10 sentences below the value/benefit this experience will provide you and what you can do to give back to the sport and USFSS as a result of competing in this event. What will you personally and professionally gain from this experience? *
Did you compete in any IFSS accredited races in the 2016-2017 season? *
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Races Attended:
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Race Attended:
What classes did you run? What was your placing? How many teams were in your class
Class Application
Payment instructions will be emailed once the application is received and reviewed for completeness.

Age Groups: Jrs 14-20 years, Elite 16-40 years and Veteran (Canicross and Bikejoring only) 41+

Nordic Breed Teams will be awarded at Race Level (2-dog scooter and 4-Dog rig)
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1-dog Bikejor
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1-Dog Scooter
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2-Dog Scooter
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4-Dog Rig
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6-Dog Rig
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8-Dog Rig
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Medical Insurance
You will need proof of medical insurance if your application is accepted. If travel is to a foreign country, you will need to check with your medical insurance company to make sure you are covered in a foreign country. Neither USFSS nor IFSS is liable for any injury incurred to you or your dogs either directly the result of competition or in the duration of your travel.
Name of Medical Insurance Company
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Submitting your application
Applications are due by August 15th 2017
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I have read the complete version of the USFSS Selection Rules for IFSS World ChampionshipsDryland *
You must be a member of USFSS before submitting the application.  The Membership is annual, and it begins on October 1st and ends September 30th each year. Application for USFSS membership is available online at usfss.org/membership.htm. The membership fee is $25. *
IFSS DID (2016-2017 DIDs are valid only until May 31st 2017) *
Applicants must have a valid International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) Driver Identification Number (DID).  See Instructions for obtaining an IFSS Driver Identification (DID) Number at http://usfss.org/instructions.htm before submitting your application. If you have a number or once you obtain one please record the number in the space below.
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