Absense Request / Report Form
Merlion Pilots are requested to fill this form if they:
1. Use an underage permit and has to take / taken a leave from their PPL training for more than 2 days,
2. Are a regular PPL trainee and has to take / taken a leave from their PPL training for over a week or
3. Are a reqular Pilot (who has completed the training) has to take / taken a leave from merlion duties for over a month.

NOTE - An underaged pilot / trainee is any merlion member who is less than 13 years old.
Name and Pilot ID : *
Enter your Full Name and Pilot ID. (eg. John Rady MIA00xx)
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Select Catagory : *
Select which catagory of member you belong to.
From when to when where you / will you be absent? *
Enter the time duration when you where absent in the format DD-MM-YYYY (eg. 01-03-2011 to 12-04-2011)
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Why were you absent for the above duration? *
Tell us the reason you were not able to attend training / fly for merlion. It could be vacation, or if it's not possilbe to write in short, take your time and space.
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Select an option. *
Are you GOING to take this leave or have you already TAKEN it?
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