Doc Band Helmet Patterns
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Thank you for stopping by and having an interest in working with us. I want to stress how appreciative I am for the love and support regarding this offer to help those who need doc band helmets feel as though they can be on the "bonnet train" as well. So, if you're interested in hearing a bit more how it works, keep reading.

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I recently learned that car decal companies (or decal companies in general) are able to cover these helmets with patterns, and when my good friend on Instagram reached out to me asking for help finding a pattern for her daughter's helmet I saw a great opportunity to gift her one of my own. I have painted watercolor florals for years and just started working with some companies creating exclusive prints for clothing, slings, planner covers (and bonnets)! I don't have the rights to reproduce the florals that I use for most of my bonnets (she really wanted the Tanya floral), but I do have patterns that I have designed that are entirely my own. So, away the file went and the helmet that came back was beyond my wildest dreams. It's beautiful.

Many of you know that I have two special needs children, although an outsider looking in would never know. My children are seemingly average; there’s nothing about their physical appearance that would label them special needs. Thinking about families who will need or currently need helmets like this makes me reflect on my own life with my kids. I know how to handle situations with my kids out in public, but a helmet like this is a constant thing, something that will be seen by so many, and it may not always bring welcome attention.

Since my son Elliot is autistic, I have learned ways to direct conversations with strangers if he’s having a difficult time. I will explain to people why he’s acting the way he is and invite them into his world. It doesn’t always work, but I know I am doing all I can to open their eyes to what life is like with a child that can go into sensory overload. That's how I see these prints on these helmets: as an invitation to step into someone else’s reality with them for a moment. Picture a parent proudly pushing their baby through the aisles of a grocery store when a stranger stops to ask about the baby’s helmet. The parent can direct the conversation to how "my friend designed this print to help make my baby’s medical device more beautiful”. It can turn what is seemingly a scary conversation for a new parent to a positive one about art, love, and the amazingness of special needs kids.

So, if you're in need of one of the prints below for your child's helmet, I will work with your printer free of charge to get them the file they need to print a high-resolution pattern, designed by me, on your helmet. I want all the noggins to be beautiful—whether in my bonnets or not

A few things to note:

I will not go back and forth with your printer regarding size, placement or anything else regarding your order. I will simply email them the files so that they have everything they need to wrap your helmet in my print.

Please be sure you pick the right print! I will have you pick once and then pick again to be sure nothing is lost in translation. I would hate for us to be the cause of your order coming out wrong. I may add more prints in the future as I work with other companies on collaborations but for now, these are the only three I have.

And finally, we do not know of any printers who provide this service, we are just here to send the patterns when and if you find a printer you want to work with. I do know that my friend had the service offered to her free of charge while others have been charged money to wrap their helmets. I will not be sharing the name of the company that my friend used as it's not my information to share. I hope everyone understands.
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By answering this last question below you understand that by submitting this form you are allowing us to send the file with your information telling the printer of your choosing that you would like to wrap your Doc Band helmet in the pattern we provide them, the one you chose above. As a company, Sweet As April has no affiliation with this printer or control over the outcome of your order, we are simply the messenger of the files.

Thank you all SO MUCH! I am so happy with how well this has been received and how wonderful everyone has been sharing this idea. Thank you all for trusting me so much and allowing me to adorn your babe's heads in every way that I can!
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