eLearning Fa2019 Course Design Cohort
Join our Fa2019 Course Design Cohort and create your online course while fulfilling the Course Development Agreement (CDA). A quality course design is expected to take you a full semester to complete, in conjunction with your other Ferris commitments. The Fa2019 Design Cohort kick off meeting will be on September 9th, 2019, and working on your course design process September through November. You will be learning and designing in Canvas to create your course. All sessions are aligned directly with the Ferris eLearning Course Quality Rubric and effective practices used for the Course Development Agreement (CDA) process.

WHEN: September 9, 2019, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
WHERE: ALUM room 114, main campus

To join the Fa2019 cohort. please register by filling out this short form today. You will receive an email with meeting details prior to the kick off meeting.

Questions? Contact the Ferris eLearning Design Team at kelleysenkowski@ferris.edu.
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Choose the statement that best fits. Information on the Course Developer Agreement referred to here is located at the following website: https://ferris.edu/HTMLS/colleges/educatio/oac/index.htm
Welcome to the Summer Cohort for Online Course Development!
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