2019 Effigy Design Contest
Welcome to the effigy design contest for InterFuse 2019! In the following form you will answer questions about your design to help our effigy council decide which group will have their art displayed in the center of the event. You will have until Dec. 25th, 2018 @midnight to turn in submissions.

We are sure that there will be questions, and we encourage you to ask them. There will be a small FAQ at the bottom of this form to answer some of the more common questions.

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Now on to the questions!
What is your real name? *
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What is the name of your effigy project? *
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Design Concept - Tell us about your effigy! Be descriptive. Paint a picture with your words! If you have drawings or sketches of your idea, please email them to Diane@midwestburners.com *
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Interactivity - How will your design engage participants? *
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Budgeting - Our budget approximation (based on the budget from 2017) is $3000.00. How would you allocate these funds (wood, fasteners, etc? ***Please note that tools are not an eligible expense*** ) Crowd funding is a possibility for additional funds. *
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Timeline - Please provide a timeline for your build. List milestones of the build process and the dates they would need to be accomplished by in order to ensure your effigy is ready on time. *
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Volunteer Plan - Do you have a build crew in mind? How will you gather volunteers to get the job done? *
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Safety - Are there any dangerous aspects of your build for the participants of Interfuse? Can your effigy be climbed? How will you prevent injury? Would you need to have volunteers to docent the effigy? *
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Transportation Plan - How will transport your effigy materials to the site? *
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I have leftover parts and pieces for my build? What do I do with them?
Anything that was purchased with the money granted by Midwest Burners LLC would be property of Midwest Burners and would need to be given over at the end of the event.
What materials can I use for this build?
There are plenty of materials that are out there to build with but keep these guidelines in mind:
Please use untreated lumber only. Treated lumber contains chemicals that are toxic when burned.
Avoid plastics in your structure build. These are fine for decoration, but must be removed prior to the effigy burn.
Non toxic paints for decoration.
I have this fantastic idea, but I lack a team to build this, where should I go to find people?
Reach out to the community! Pitch the idea to them! See if they will join you on helping to build your vision!
Can flame effects be included in the build?
Surely! If your effigy has fire based aspects to it, FAST will also help look over the application and make suggestions if modifications would need to be made!
Safety third right?
Unfortunately, while we joke about this frequently, there are certain aspects of safety that have be adhered to. If there is any kind of safety concern in your proposal, you will be contacted to discuss changing it and the reasons why.
I have more questions that weren't addressed here!
You can email Diane@midwestburners.com and she can assist you, or send questions along to the proper teams to help. Additionally, several effigy builders and designers have created a Facebook group to share ideas.
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