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If you're like most of the folks in our tribe, sharing your story brings you to the edge of your comfort zone, and maybe beyond. But you may also have had a life-changing healing experience because of someone else who inspired you to think bigger about your health. I am grateful that you are standing with me in service of a more beautiful world where diseases and illnesses can be shed, and true resiliency, vitality, and self-discovery are realistic expectations.

If you're willing to record a short video testimonial, I'd love to hear more about how you have reclaimed your life, health, and hopes. Anything less than five minutes would be perfect, but it's ok if you go over. Some talking points could include:

* Anything you want to share about previous symptoms, diagnoses, or treatments
* What made you consider this program when you did
* What were the results/insights

In gratitude for your solidarity and courage in sharing your transformation, we are offering 3 months membership to my new group coaching calls and also a 50% off link to "pay it forward" to a friend or loved one who might consider doing Vital Mind Reset on your recommendation.

Thank you for being you!

P.S. We use first names only for videos on our wall.

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