Bixby Strategic Priorities Survey
October 1, 2019

Dear Spartan employees, students, families, and community members:

The Bixby School District is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan to ensure our efforts continue to align well with the needs of our students and schools as well as the values of the Bixby community. This plan will guide the direction of the district over the next five years and will provide a framework for what we focus on, how we spend our time, and how we target our resources. As an important part of the process, we are seeking input from all stakeholders in the Bixby community.

This survey consists of eight questions and should take only about five minutes to complete. Your input is valuable and very much appreciated. All responses are anonymous. The survey will remain open through October 31.

Thank you,

Rob Miller
1. Which of the following best describes your relationship and/or role(s) with Bixby Schools? You may check more than one box.
2. What do you feel most proud of when you think about the Bixby School District? Please select your top three from the list below.
3. If you feel your choice was not represented by the question above, please list it here.
4. Which district priorities do you believe are most important to focus on over the next five years? *
VERY Important - must do NOW!
Important - should be addressed soon
Important but not urgent
A Little Important
Not Important
No opinion
Improve student test scores
Improve district grades on Annual Oklahoma School Report Card
Improve and/or expand academic programming
Improve school and campus facilities
Improve athletic facilities
Reduce class sizes
Improve graduation rates
Hire and retain quality teachers and staff
Professional development for employees
Increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning
Improve or expand Arts education
Improve or expand Athletic programs
Increase supports for students' mental, social, and emotional health
Develop more pathways for students based on their individual strengths and interests
Expand Tulsa Tech opportunities
Expand Advance Placement (AP) offerings
Expand access to Concurrent Enrollment programs
Expand opportunities for virtual or blending learning.
Improve gifted and talented programs
Improve supports for students with disabilities.
Expand programs for English-language learners
Improve school culture
Provide more flexible scheduling options for students
Improve school discipline
Add a full-day Pre-K option
Improve communication and community involvement
Improve school safety (cameras, access control, etc.)
Improve character education programs
Address bullying / peer pressure issues
Improve district transportation services
Improve district child nutrition services
Improve school health services
Upgrade technology
5. If you feel your choice was not represented by the question above, please list it here.
6. What is the single greatest strength of Bixby Schools?
7. What is the single greatest area for improvement in Bixby Schools?
8. In the next five years, what do you see as the top three priorities for Bixby Schools?
If you would like a member of the district staff to contact you in order to share more information, please provide your name and a preferred means of communication below.
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