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Table numbers now available at:
Official announcement & map of table locations will be emailed after admin approves layout


The Activities Fair will be on Aug. 30, 5-8pm. Please make sure only ONE PERSON from your group submits a registration to avoid duplicates. Registration deadline: Aug. 16.


Q: Do PAC groups need to register for the fair?
A: No, PAC groups will participate using the tables for PAC sub-committees. If PAC groups are interested in being listed online like all the groups that signed up through this form will be, please email your group's info to Current PAC groups that we will be putting online are here

Q: Can groups that are not SAC-recognized register for this?
A: Yes

Q: How are the tables distributed?
A: First come first serve, groups each get half of one table

Q: How do we know if our registration form has been received by SAC?
A: Your group's name will be listed on a google sheet after we have received your registration. The link to the sheet is at the end of this form

Q: What happens if we did not register in time before the deadline?
A: You go on the waitlist

Q: When will we be notified about our table number?
A: We will try to get them out on/around Aug. 23

Please email if you have any questions.
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Connections & Outreach
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Avoiding Duplicates/Verifying SAC got your Registration
To view registrations that SAC has received, please see the following doc:

Rows in black mean they do not count towards reducing the number of available tables - they are either duplicate entries or misplaced PAC groups (which already has arrangements through PAC exec).
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