2023 Northeast Pasture Survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the yearly New England Grazing Network survey. This survey is focused on understanding the regional needs of grazing-based livestock farming in the New England area. Your response will help our partner organizations better assess our ability to support grazing-focused stakeholders across the region and prioritize regenerative grazing outreach, education, and advocacy.

We would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to share your valuable insights with us.

The New England Grazing Network (NEGN) project was founded on the concept that the six New England states could be powerful change makers if aligned around common measurements and a shared vision. You can find a list of our current partners and more information about the project at www.negrazingnetwork.com/.

Please note that all data collected will be anonymous and aggregated. We value your privacy and ensure that your personal information remains confidential.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact our NEGN coordinator Alex Gulachenski (agulachenski@wolfesneck.org)

Thank you again for your time and contribution.

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Do you identify as a farmer? *
How many years have you been farming?
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How many years have you been grazing livestock? 
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What type(s) of livestock do you raise on pasture? (Check all that apply)
From 2021 to 2022 did your ...
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Number of livestock raised on pasture
Number of acres grazed
Number of grazing days
Total sales volume of products from pastured animals
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Have you done any of the following soil assessments in your pastures in the last 3 years?
No, & I am not familiar
Basic (University-style) soil test
In-depth (biological, physical, chemical) soil test
Slake test
Water Infiltration test
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Please share what state your farm is located in.
For the next 5 questions, please enter a whole number, not a range. If you need to estimate, round down.
Farm acreage owned:
Farm acreage rented:
Acres managed as pasture (including silvopasture):
Acres managed as hayland:
Acres managed as cropland/alternative production:
During the 2022 grazing season, how many paddocks did your grazing system typically have?
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How satisfied are you with the following aspects of your farm?
Neutral/No Effect
Needs Improvement
Farm Profitability
Quality of Life
Community Connections
Environmental Impact
Soil Health
Forage Productivity & Pasture Health
Animal/Herd Health
Grazing Management
Labor Management
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The following demographic questions help us determine our reach and are entirely optional.
What is your age?
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What is your gender identity?
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Race/Ethnicity: Do you identify as (select all that apply):
Do you identify as a first-generation farmer or rancher?
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Veteran Status: Have you served in the U.S. military?
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