Poplarville School District Parent Survey 2017
Greetings! In an effort to better serve you, we would like to know what you think about services offered in the Poplarville School District. Your responses will be used to improve our programs.

If you have children in more than one school, please complete one survey for each school of attendance.

Parent Name (Optional):
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Grade of Student
I have read and understand:
I am aware that parents have the right to request the qualifications of teachers.
I attended or plan to attend the school's Title I Annual Parent Meeting.
Do you know if your child's school has a school wide Title I program?
Please answer the following questions with agree or disagree
I feel that I have opportunities to become involved in my child's education.
I feel comfortable coming to this school.
This school uses a variety of ways to communicate with parents regarding student progress and school events.
Every child receives a high quality education at this school.
This school involves parents in the decision making process.
Flexible times are provided to allow parents to attend school functions and meet with teachers.
The school prepares students to deal with issues and problems they will face in the future.
Students see a relationship between what they are learning and their everyday lives.
Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to help students learn.
The amount of homework given helps students succeed in their studies.
Teachers give students extra help when it is needed.
This school recognizes the achievements of all students.
Teachers provide feedback to help students improve their learning.
Staff members display a caring attitude toward students.
Students feel safe at this school.
Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are a problem at this school.
School rules and discipline procedures are clearly communicated to students and parents.
Students and staff demonstrate mutual respect.
My child has at least one adult at school he or she can turn to for help.
The school provides clear information regarding my child's academic progress.
Parent information that is sent home or provided at meetings is in a language I can understand.
Listed below are a variety of opportunities for Parent Involvement. Please check any that interest you or your family. If you don't see something you are interested in on the list, please list your interests in the "Other" box.
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When would you most likely be able to attend parent workshops, events, and conferences?
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To better support my child academically, I would like more information about:
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As your child moves to the next school level, what topics do you feel would help with the transition?
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What are the best ways for your child's teachers to contact you?
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What are the best ways for the school to communicate with you?
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In your opinion, Title I and/or Title II funds should be used to:
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What are some parent meetings/workshops you would be interested in attending?
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Would you be interested in joining the school's Title I Parent Advisory Committee or participating in parent involvement activities? If Yes, please provide your contact information below.
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List any concerns that you have regarding your child's education:
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