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The sonographic diagnosis of cardiac tamponade requires? *
A 23 year old female presents in shock after fainting. Her bedside urine pregnancy test is negative. Pelvic US reveals an empty uterus and large free fluid. What echocardiographic findings support the diagnosis of hypovolemic shock? *
Which ultrasound views are a part of the standard RUSH protocol? *
A 67 year old male with history of renal failure arrives to the Emergency Department with systolic blood pressure of 70 and a heart rate of 135 even after 1 liter of IVFs. You are performing your RUSH exam and you notice a fluid collection anterior to the aorta on you parasternal long view. You see anterior extension of the fluid and diastolic right heart collapse. What should you do next? *
When performing thoracic ultrasound, the bright white line that recurrs at equal distances below the pleura is known as? *
A 19-year old female is brought in by ambulance after an high speed MVC with a prolonged extracation. EMS intubated the patient in the field. On arrival, VS are BP 100/60, HR 104, Pulse Ox 70% despite bagging at 15 per minute. A quick look reveals that the ET tube is in the trachea. Breath sound are present in the right but dimished in the left. There is no JVD. Thoracic US reveals a seashore sign at the right apex, and a bar code sign on the left. The most appropriate next step is to. *
Compression US for DVT is best initially performed with? *
A 35 year old female taking oral contraceptive pills presents to the emergency department with left lower extremity swelling. Which findings are most indicative of acute deep venous thrombosis? *
You are caring for a 64 yo female with sepsis. She is hypotensive and you would like to place a central line using ultrasound guidance. Which of the following is not an absolute contraindication to performing the procedure? *
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